ID ID Inc.

Ingrid Dabringer, Digital Learning Experience Designer

Social Innovation

We work collaboratively to analyze, synthesize, and innovate for maximize impact in social justice.

Learning Design

Learning design is systems theory in action.

We combine essential principles from Design Thinking, Backward Design, Universal Design and ADDIE
to produce dynamic and affordable content.

Design Thinking

Keep the end-user central and stay in the problem space long enough to design for the right solution.

Research & Listen

Who are the people involved?
How do they feel?
What do they want?


What did you learn?
Making connections.
Telling the story.


Explore options.
Be outrageous.
Sketch up ideas.

Build & Watch

Iterate quickly.
Just enough.
Fail fast.


Don’t insert judgment.
What’s not working and Why?

Well designed learning environments feel good!