ID ID Inc.

About ID ID Inc.


IDIDInc helps teams find creative, affordable, and dynamic learning solutions for their organization.


~ Keep the end-user central to all decisions

~ Learning is a lifelong iterative process

~ Storytelling is the foundation of learning

~ Investing time upfront will save time in the end

~ Good foundations make for stable structures

Learning Environment Needs Assessments answer 4 main questions - Why, Who, What, and How

ID ID Inc is proud of:

Fast Analysis

Our combined experiences allow us to easily see and determine the gap an organization has in their learning environments.

Designing Solutions

We provide actionable solutions for outdated content and platforms by identifying the most strategic path forward.


We believe the best solution is the one that will enhance the user experience to help them learn.

Informed Practice

We use ADDIE, SAM, User-centred Design, and Backward Design to  design solutions that achieve learning outcomes through memorable experiences.

Technology Enabled Content (UI)

We know that technology is part of every solution. We are highly experienced in delivery through Content Management Systems (CMS) and Learning Management Systems (LMS), and build custom web delivery solutions:

D2L | Blackboard | ILIAS | Moodle | WordPress