ID ID Inc.

Lissa Cowan - Writer

Lissa helps people craft their best, most engaging stories about themselves and their organizations. Her work focuses on creating communications strategies and copywriting solutions for clients to help them better connect to their audiences. She works with businesses, companies, and charitable organizations to make sense of a client's ideas so her audiences see and hear a story that connects to their experience, vision, and desires.
Whether you’re launching a new product or service, a website, writing an e-book, speech, or need some guidance to create powerful messaging, Lissa will help you whip your words into shape so you attract your ideal customers and create a lasting brand presence.

Katie Baker - Executive Coach

Katie Baker is an innovative change management specialist with over 25 years hands on experience both in Canada (private and public sectors) and abroad. She specializes in the areas of organizational change transition through learning and development initiatives. Her deep understanding of business operations allows Katie to work alongside her Clients to ensure the delivery of key business objectives. Whether it is in the classroom delivering bespoke skill development training solutions or as a coach (Integral certified 2009), behaviour through change is often her focus. Katie approaches Clients and their change challenges with professionalism, an uncanny positive attitude and a healthy dose of humour.

Contact Katie for a chat to explore how she can help you, your organization, teams and your Leaders navigate change.  Outstanding testimonials and references from over 20 Ottawa-based organizations that Katie has helped in their transformations are readily available.