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Learning solutions embody many forms

But they all start with a complete audit of the organization and situation.

The Learning Needs Analysis includes:

  • Meet your team – What do you need? How did you get here? Where do you excel? What are your concerns? (This stage can include individual interviews with team members).
  • Identify the end-user What types of people are learning? What other obligations do they have? What are there strengths and weaknesses? (This stage can include individual interviews with team members).
  • Review products and infrastructure – What products do you have now? When was your tech approach last updated? What is working? What isn’t?
  • Report – What did we find? Where are the gaps? How can they be filled? What will it take?
  • Follow-up – Are you satisfied?

The Learning Design Plan includes:

  • Budget – What can you afford? In the next year? Over three years?
  • Prioritize – What do you need now? What can wait? What will you want in five years?
  • Establish scope What are the deliverables? What help do you need? What is the timeline?
  • Report – What is the learning design strategy for your organization?
  • Follow up – Are you satisfied?

Learning Needs Analysis and Learning Design Plans require good communication and a team effort throughout.

Yes, I’d like an initial audit.



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