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A learning solution builds trust by filling a gap in an organization's learning environment.

Identifying the size and shape of that gap is essential to accurately filling it with measurable training materials that align with KPIs.

The Learning Needs Assessment is a process that includes a review of the following:

  • Organizational goals
    • What are your concerns?
    • What is the state of your current training?
    • What learning goals do you have?
    • How will you measure the success of those goals?
    • What infrastructure do you have in place to meet those goals?
    • This stage identifies the scope of the project and can include interviews with managers and an overview of the technological infrastructure.
  • Performance and Performer needs
    • Are your learning goals aligned with your KPIs?
    • What types of people are learning?
    • What other obligations do they have?
    • Are their training needs being met?
    • This stage can include individual interviews with employees or trainees, surveys, as well as a review of the job definition itself with an analysis of the skills and tasks required to execute a specific job.
    • Additionally, any available "organizational data" is essential to illustrating the gap. Such as phone logs, purchasing logs, recent policy changes, performance analytics, etc.
  • Report
    • Executive Summary: What did we find?
    • Methodology: What data did we gather, and how did we analyze it?
    • Findings: Where are the gaps?
    • Solutons: What options are available to fill the gaps?
    • Buy-in: What will it take to achieve the goals?
  • Follow-up - Are you satisfied? If so, do you need help with a Learning Design Plan?

Learning Needs Assessments require good communication and a team effort throughout.

Build trust by modelling trust.

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