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IDIDInc builds trust through dynamic learning solutions


Learning participants are compelled to learn because meaningful and directed storytelling creates trust.


IDIDInc believes that deep learning is a lifelong process that relies on trust and meaningful storytelling. Good stories compel people to lean in, think, and engage. "Why, how, when, where, what?" All organizations exist to fulfill a human need. Effectively translating this need into action, and behavioural change, is the learning designers task. Yet, if an organization's system is not fully understood, then it cannot be fully harnessed for making connections, creating change, and building development. A system will always produce outcomes that reflect the system from which it came. (Said another way, a system cannot produce outcomes that doesn't reflect itself. An apple tree will not produce cherries). That is why trust is fundamental to choreographing the outcomes your organizations need. Everyone must be open to seeing the flaws in the system in order to change them. Knowing the system in which one is working, the real potential and limitations, allows for realistic expectations. Understanding the organizational system and having realistic expectations allows us to predict and control the end results. This process is very rewarding and, in and of itself, becomes a good story that keeps yielding benefits.


Projects have been various and rewarding:

  • Human Source ~ Executive Coaching & Facilitation

  • Environment and Climate Change Canada ~ Enforcement Branch

  • Durham College, Continuing Education ~ Legalization of Cannabis

  • OCDSB, Advisory Committee on the Arts ~ Chair, Social media campaign

  • Department of National Defense Royal Navy ~ Inertial Navigation Systems

  • Canada Post ~ Postal Outlet Leader Training

  • Economic Development Canada ~ Performance Management Systems

  • York University Schulich School of Business ~ Search Engines

  • Blyth Academy Online ~ Visual Arts online curriculum for Grade 9 and 10

  • Durham College, School of Media Art and Design ~ Video Production, Documentary Studio, Audio Capture

  • Sault Youth Association ~ Fine Art for all ages

About Ingrid Dabringer

Ingrid began her career in the film industry as an Assistant Director involved with the large-scale event management of on-set production requirements. This allowed her to develop a keen understanding of end-to-end production that is crucial to project management and design. She took time off while she had young kids and taught art classes through various community organizations and through her own studio. Once the children were grown she combined her love of education and technology and began designing and teaching video production classes at Durham College. From there, Ingrid migrated into online curriculum development. She has designed curriculum at every level of government, (federal, provincial and municipal), and also worked with a private Learning Design company.

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